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 If you have a business and are interested in re-selling the products DevilsOwn distribute, then you would benefit greatly from setting up a dealer account with DevilsOwn. It is very quick and easy to get an account active, and there are big savings available for dealers.


DevilsOwn is constantly adding new products to our line for a variety of applications, so there is tremendous benefit to be gained from carrying our product line. DevilsOwn's dealers are required to be experienced with forced induction applications and provide an excellent level of customer service.


Dealer Requirements Include:

  • Installation facilities or retail outlet.
  • Copy of your business license and Tax ID Number
  • Payment by credit card, paypal, or bank wire


Dealer Benefits Include:

  • Discounts ranging from 10-40% 
  • Drop shipping available
  • Free brochures and catalogs


Email us at orders@devilsowninjection.com for our dealer applicaton. It will tell what is needed to set up an account.  Once we receive the completed application, within 1-2 business days you will have dealer pricing available per dealer agreement.


Please feel free to email us at orders@devilsowninjecton.com if you have any questions.


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