Why buy our STage 1 kit?

Why should you buy a DevilsOwn kit versus buying a Snow Performance kit? We will give you a detailed

list of reasons why you should choose DevilsOwn over Snow...

Let's start with one of the most important aspects to you... THE MONEY!!!

Snow's kit retails on their site for $375.73. DevilsOwn kit retails for $310.95

Snow performance Vs Devilsown Nozzle holders

Check Valve/Solenoid

Snow's kit comes with... actually, no it doesn't! You have to purchase a solenoid separately. With

DevilsOwns, we cut no corners! The check valve is included at NO additional charge, and you always

have the option to purchase a solenoid, depending on your needs.


Nozzle holders

Snow's kit comes with the silver fitting similar to the example nozzle holder above..  These are a nice item but they are NOT a Made in the USA item.  We know their packaging does state Made in the USA on it...  Yes, the package is Made in the USA, the products ; however, are NOT.  DevilsOwn products in our kits are Made in the USA

Snow performance Vs Devilsown


With both companies using nylon tubing, Snow’s kits come with only 10ft. of red tubing. DevilsOwn gives you 15ft of sleek black tubing.

 Snow performance Vs Devilsown Tanks


Snow Kit comes with a black 3 quart tank, with white plastic fittings, that are spun-weld to the bottom, a plastic bushing to compensate for the wrong thread pattern, and metal push-to-connect fittings that are sourced from overseas... And of course, the goop to seal any leaks.


We like to do things right… Here at DevilsOwn, we use a sleek white tank for easy viewing of fluid levels. Our kits come with self-sealing tank tap adapters that install from the outside.  We do sell the tanks seperate as not to force someone into a tank they don't want.  All of our equipment is truly “Made in the U.S.A.”


Snow performance Vs Devilsown Tank Lids

Tank lids

Snow's lids rely on a rubber washer to keep methanol from leaking.

DevilsOwn lids use a flapper valve, which is much more efficient in keeping fluid from leaking. It may cost “us” more, but gives you a better quality product.

 Snow performance Vs Devilsown Pressure Switches

Pressure Switch

It’s as simple as plastic vs. metal components. Snow primarily uses plastic, whereas, our pressure switches are predominantly metal. Our switches are easily adjustable by hand. Snow's switch has to be adjusted with a hex wrench. Again, it’s all about quality and ease of use!


Snow performance Vs Devilsown Nozzles


Nothing beats DevilsOwn nozzles, when it comes to performance! Snow’s kits come with 3 nozzles: 2, 5, 6. DevilsOwn, gives you two of our exclusive micodroplet nozzles; which produce the smallest droplets on the market, the smaller the droplet, the more surface area there is, and the better it will distribute through the intake... For an efficient and optimal range, we space out the sizes of our nozzles: DO3 and DO7.


 Snow performance Vs Devilsown Loom


Snow gives you 4 ft. of loom. We don't want to skimp and give an extra 2ft.  You will receive 6 ft. of loom at DevilsOwn.  Its the little things like this we try to do to one up things. 

  Snow performance Vs Devilsown Electrical



Snow uses standard crimp connectors. DevilsOwn offers you posi-lock connectors for the absolute best connection available! Unlike your conventional clip-on tap that cuts through the wire, posi-locks have a barb that pierces through the center of the wire without cutting and secures with an easy to turn cap.




As you can see, the differences are very appearant! We realize you can combine high quality products with great value. We understand how important your build is to you, and making sure you have everything necessary to complete your build is important to us. So, when making your decision, choose wisely with DevilsOwn.


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