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Extend the life of your DevilsOwn Pump and protect it from the elements with a DevilsOwn Pump Cover.

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Extend the life of your pump with our pump cover. Normally, the protection of the engine bay is perfect for housing your pump. However, if you choose to mount it in the tire well or lower in the engine bay, then the possibility of water and debris ending up on, or in, the pump is more likely.

This pump is designed to run water and methanol through it.  However, it is not as desirable for water to enter the pump in other ways. For added protection, why not add another layer between the pump and the elements?

Race-Proven Performance:  The DevilsOwn Injection pump cover is engineered to offer maximum performance and reliability. These pump covers protect the inside of the pumps from getting outside water inside the motor - and they also just look cool.

Heavy Duty Quality:  This unit is made from a tough and flexible 75 durometer PVC with a black glossy finish. It has a wall thickness measured at .125" (3.635 mm) from the open end, increasing slightly toward the closed end. Wall tolerance is ±.010" (0.25 mm).

Application:  Don't compromise with the “other guys”—expect and get the best from us. These units will fit most everyone’s methanol injection pumps. And will protect the delicacies of the pump in order to ensure a longer pump life.

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