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Dual nozzle upgrade kit. This setup comes with 3' of hose, all necessary fittings to relocate the check valve before the T, as well as a straight nozzle holder needed to run a dual nozzle. Nozzles are not included.

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Dual Nozzle Setup. Why would you want to install a dual nozzle? Because you are running over 500hp and 1 nozzle will not get the job done. Or it could be because you need to distribute the methanol through 2 spots in the motor to achieve better droplet size and better distribution.

Installation. You will want to install the tee included with this kit after the check valve or solenoid. Then, we usually recommend putting 1 nozzle closer to the throttle body and the other nozzle near the outlet of the intercooler. This is assuming the maf/mass is not having any methanol ran through it.

Application. Dual nozzle upgrade kit will work with any methanol injection kit that uses 1/4".


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