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Bulk Head fittings are used for running lines threw something where you don't want it to dig into the hose. These are commonly used for running the lines threw your trunks sheet metal.

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Bulk Head fittings are used for running lines through something where you do not want it to dig into the hose, such as running the lines through your trunk’s sheet metal. These are 1/8" NPT male on both sides. DevilsOwn instant fittings install easily on the hose without the need for clamps or ferrules--just push the hose into the fitting. It’s so easy, you can install it with one hand. You can also easily remove the tubing just by pressing the release portion of the fitting while pulling the tubing. Everything, then, is completely reusable. The fittings are completely compatible with methanol and will not rot from the inside out. The NPT threads come with TFE already applied for a water tight seal. We stock many other sizes that are not shown. Contact us for more info.

These are NOT USA made, These are same brand sold by most other methanol injection companies—we just sell them at a more reasonable price. Our black fittings are all USA made.


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