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Nason Pressure switches are available in all 3 ranges. Sq1 2-10, Sq2 6-30, and sq3 20-120

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Nason Pressure switches are available in all 3 ranges: Sq1 2-10, Sq2 6-30, and sq3 20-120

Look closely! This is not the same old pressure switch you see with all the other kits. Our switch takes the guesswork out of seeing where your settings are. You can make a simple, no-tool-required adjustment because the actual PSI is on the front of the unit. Align the top of the wheel on the pressure switch to adjust the PSI where you want the system to activate. As a general starting point, start off with the top of the wheel adjusted to ½ of your max boost. You don't have to play the “At what PSI is this set?” game like you do with the cheaper boost pressure switches.

You can use this switch with our Alcohol/Water Injection System. It’s the best boost pressure switch offered on any system.

Low Pressure Switches SQ

  • Long-life elastomer diaphgram
  • High quality, snap action switch
  • Fingertip adjustment
  • Visual calibration
  • Economical
  • Quick delivery

We recommend a 1/8 NPT barbed fitting for connecting this to our hose.

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