Self Sealing Float Switch with LED Light

Self Sealing Float Switch with LED Light Maximize

This Self Sealing Float Switch can easily be mounted in your tank. Just drill a 7/8" hole and slip it through. Then just tighten the attached nut to provide a leak free seal.

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This Self-Sealing Float Switch is the easiest on the market to install. By using a float switch with your system you will be able to monitor when your tank is almost empty.


Design Features:

  • High or low level sensing by rotating through 180º
  • Internal fitting
  • Reed Switch reliability
  • Buna-N sealing components
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for a wide range of liquids
  • Leak free seal

Design Specs:

  • Material:  Polypropylene,PVDF
  • Max pressure:  10bar
  • Max temperature:  100℃
  • Liquid density:  from 0.6g/ml on


How to Install a Float Switch

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