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1/4 Mile Times

Devilsown Methanol Alcohol Water Injection

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Thread: 1/4 Mile Times

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    1/4 Mile Times

    Lets see some 1/4 mile numbers. Post up your before and after alcohol injection 1/4 mile times if avalable.

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    Re: 1/4 Mile Times

    12.4 @ 111mph on the old setup.
    New setup vids and times to come.
    Looking to get the cage installed in May :o

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    Add the times to the Garage..

    You can list your mods there too..


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    Re: 1/4 Mile Times

    Dang Paul. I seen your reply under 1/4 mi times and thought you had some numbers. Are you set up now or what? :razz:

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    Re: 1/4 Mile Times

    ran 13.947 on old setup without alky kit putting the alky kit on today goingto try and run it at the track this weekend and have new numbers soon

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    no grand prix any more but.........

    before- 14.0@98

    after- 13.4@104

    This is with the same tune, pulley...ect... My ground just broke off before a run :(

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    That's a nice improvement, .6 seconds off your 1/4 for under $300 is not bad.

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    My best is a 12.1 @ 118.9MPH. The utes setup:

    Its a aussie Holden VU SS (LS1 motor), Powerdyne blower @ 4 PSI (i was losing a pound), 4.11's and Try-Y's and no exhaust, stock stall.

    Ive just put this kit on and am going to try 50/50 metho or what you guys call de-natured alky and a smaller pulley (around 7-8psi)

    I have a crappy 1.86 60' and major wheelspin in 2nd with MT ET Street Radials but why not put some more power through . I really need MT Streets now. Ill keep you updated on how i go with it if you would like? Its the fastest Powerdyne powered LS1 is Aus @ 12.1 but with this kit, pulley and some good tyres and a stallie im hoping to get that down to around 11.7

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    Re: 1/4 Mile Times

    60' 2.020
    330 5.559
    1/8 8.516
    MPH 83.24
    1000 11.049
    1/4 13.190
    MPH 105.36

    1.9 mod rockers 3.2"-Headers-2.5"Pipes-stock muffs
    LS1M/HappyKnob@18* of Timing/PowrTuner
    AL103@0.040 Alky w/m3 nozzle an Progressive Controller
    180 T-Stat, 4"FWI/PortedTB/PnP M90
    PLX-SMR WBo2
    98GTP The Purple People Eater
    back to s/c with 3.5" pulley+tune
    fastest time 12.4@117mph with stock motor zzp z7 turbo

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    Re: 1/4 Mile Times

    W/Out meth, 9.79 et, 100 degree day, IAT's over 200*, soft timing curve.

    W/pure meth 9.40 et , 75 degree day, IAT's under 85* , 27* timing.
    9.40 vid YouTube - AAA Dragway Oct. 11, 2008

    15 psi boost both days, F1 Procharger.

    68 Camaro, Procharged 383, EFI, 5 Speed.
    9.28 @ 141 vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF7_XaL2jSU

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