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    250psi pump facts VS False Competitor Claims

    Why the 250psi pump is better.

    The pump is equipped with a pressure sensing internal switch that internal bypasses fluid above the user selectable pressure is meet.

    Stainless steel fasteners

    Highest grade plastic housing

    Powder coated diecast parts

    Pumps use non-perforated, single piece diaphragms and unique, patented clamping system that insures the longest possible product life

    Patented diaphragm design also helps minimize leaks as no screws are place through the diaphragm itself

    Motors use the highest-grad ceramic magnets and extra heavy gauge motor shells, this increase torque and operating efficiency

    Pumps operate at higher pressure or lower amperage's than competitive ones.

    Patented diaphragm wobbler construction improves pump performance and increases pump life due to it's unique geometry and available anti-friction coating

    Claims you might see by a few
    Higher pressure – 20 psi higher than even the competitors’ “250” pumps. This equates to better atomization and more power potential.
    Kind of a false claim, the difference is they set there's at 220psi we set our at 200psi the pumps are adjustable from 150psi to 250psi. Setting it at a even number just makes nozzle size calculation easier. This allows for us to give you accurate flow numbers. It's a shame they don't know how their own product works.

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    Re: 250psi pump facts VS False Competitor Claims

    how many amps does the 250 pump draw?

    and what is the duty cycle?

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