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    Supercharged Hummer H1


    I am with the US DOD in the UK and race a Hummer H1 in North Africa. I need some advice about which system to use on my trucks. First, the tech bits:

    6.2 GM Diesel with ceramic coated custom low compression pistons (18:1), head studs, crank girdles.
    Whipple supercharger pushing about 2 or 3lbs of boost at idle, 12 to 14lbs at max rev (about 3200 rpm)

    6.5 GM arctic spec injector pump and 6.5 injectors. IP turned up a bit. Slightly dark smoke when you stuff your foot into it so I know its about right. EGT's are good but hit the max pretty fast and I want to lower them so I can keep my foot in it far longer. Truck weighs 3 tonnes at race weight. Takes some welly to get it up to speed.

    Other than the rally computer, there are NO ELECTRONICS on the truck at all. Mechanical IP, 4l80 gearbox that is manually shifted. Absolutely nothing electronic to break down in the middle of the Sahara.

    So, my question is which system is best for me? I was looking at the Diesel Universal EGT Stage 2 but dont know if it is best for me. Does the EGT sensor trigger the controller because of the temp or is it converting it into boost pressure. Temps are FAR more important to me than pressure or power.

    Thanks for the input!

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    Re: Supercharged Hummer H1

    The EGT kit goes off of temps only it does not input anything for boost. So this will get your temps in check. You will probably only need to spray water.

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    Re: Supercharged Hummer H1

    Quote Originally Posted by dvldoc View Post
    The EGT kit goes off of temps only it does not input anything for boost. So this will get your temps in check. You will probably only need to spray water.
    Thanks Shipmate! [I'm a retired ISC(PJ)]

    So would the that system be the best for me or would a basic boost switched version be just as usefull? Normal driving around boost pressure is about 9-10psi. Temps only skyrocket when you stuff your foot in it and keep it there. I'm really trying to keep it as simple as possible but want to make sure I do it right the first time.

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    Re: Supercharged Hummer H1

    with a boost activated switch, you could start the cooling process more early maybe?

    I suppose both would be best...

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    Re: Supercharged Hummer H1

    You can use the Stage one kit with just the pressure switch as well, Both keeps temps down they just do it in different ways, The boost activated system will always be on at it set boost at full pressure, vs a progressive ramp up based on temps. Both give good results. You can always upgrade later.

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    Re: Supercharged Hummer H1

    If you have the money to spare, I would suggest you go with the progressive system. Without the ability to tune your fuel, the progressive will allow you to tune the water with the needs of the engine.
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    Supercharged Hummer H1

    Nick so you didnt get any of the wiring or the nose extension figured out for the supercharger? Im bummed man, i was really hoping to get that for my truck.

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