Devilsown Methanol Alcohol Water Injection

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    Wondering if multi-port port injection is better and do i need 1 check valve per cyl.

    I had in mind to upgrade my single nozzle Pre-TB (actually using something close to a D10-12) to change it for 1 small jet per cylinder. (I can easily tap into the aluminium intake...)

    (Mazdaspeed 2.3t that use meth (70/30) for cooling + as a fuel adder. )

    -Smaller jets usually get better atomisation
    -Intake manifold has flow unbalance so i could get equal methanol flow in each cylinder...
    -Would look nice on top of the engine

    For the charge cooling, is it better on the piping before the TB or it make no difference to shoot it on the intake runners ?

    A friend of mine pointed out that this will put jets under vaccuum (or when not under boost)....Is it right to think that the siphon effect would suck all the juice from check valve to nozzle? I was planning to put 1 check valve before a 5way manifold and pipe it to each nozzle.....So between shift, would it be a problem to empty the line when releasing the gaz pedal and restarting with air in the line when returning into boost? Would it make a noticeable difference to use 1 check valve on each nozzle ? It is not just the cost but it may get ugly and harder to mount between manifold and lines.

    On the other hand, i was planning to use a pulsing solenoid. The pulse VS engine timing isn't an issue when injecting on a common point but if i spray on each cylinder at a fixed rate, can i get issues when the injection pulses get in or out of phase with the intake valves opening ?

    A lot of questions but more i read about it, the more confused i get lol

    Please let me know what you think

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