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    22psi Volvo S60R

    Hello all,

    Like the title states I own a 2006 Volvo S60R. I am getting a stage 2.5 tune for her running 22 psi of boost. She has a 2.5L turbo engine with a B&W K24 turbo running 20-24 psi boost; redlines at 7000. I see lots of kits and it just confuses me.

    I want to use my windshield resovior as the tank to hold the meth mix; I have no intentions to install an external tank. Plus, the windshield wiper fluid tank has a sensor to tell me when it's low so I get a warning on the dash, not some lame little LED.

    What stage kit do I bother with? Is there a kit without a tank? If not, who do I get ahold of to do so? What size nozzle should I run?

    For anyone wondering, I'm MVI_S60R on SS.


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    22psi Volvo S60R

    Hi, i am sharing few spy shots of volvo S60L. I just able to caught some pics so i thought to share it overhere. if anyone of you got some more pics then do share overhere. Guys if you like the design then comment what you like about this bike.

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    sheikh mahra xxx[]=

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