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    DevilsOwn Newbie!


    Just thought I better introduce myself, I'm Shane from Lowestoft, Suffolk and have just bought the Stage 2 DVC-30 for my 2006 Mondeo ST TDCi Estate which is currently running around 185BHP 300lbs/ft.

    So far it's had a Bigger Front Mounted Intercooler, Stainless Twin Exhaust System, De-Cat's, K&N Panel Filter and finally a Superchips Bluefin.

    So looking to see the improvement that DevilsOwn can influence once fitted, although saying that I do have a Wizards of NOS Progressive Nitrous system to go on at the same time.

    This isn't my only car, my real pride & joy is a 1990 VW Scirocco Scala i, that I've owned since 1996, unfortunately I can't install DevilsOwn into that baut to make up for it, I have another Wizards of NOS system.
    It's only a little 1.8 8v and putting out 150BHP 140lbs/ft but due to the weight is quite quick

    we have one more car that I've only just bought for the missus and that's a 2003 Ford Mondeo ST220 which has just been Bluefin'd as well.

    Anyway, that's me done with my short introduction,

    Hopefully get to chat with you all soon!
    Just a saggy old cloth cat, but Emileigh loved him!

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    Re: DevilsOwn Newbie!

    Just a saggy old cloth cat, but Emileigh loved him!

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