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    2010 BMWd dyno results

    2010 BMWd. With our DVC30 kit, single DO1 nozzle and running a 70W/30M ratio.
    Modifications listed on the top left corner.

    2006 Grand Prix M90 Gen 5 supercharged, DVC-30 DO5 nozzle.
    2006 Mazdaspeed 6 DVC-30, DO7 nozzle. My-meth-water-set-up

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    2010 BMWd dyno re

    The weather was perfect for a dyno run, especially in this area of the world. Its usually a lot more humid. If you look closely at A/F ratio, I was running a little rich on the second run which leaves room for more hp gains if I leaned it out a little more.

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