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AF for 100% Meth Fuled Car - Page 2

Devilsown Methanol Alcohol Water Injection

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    Re: AF for 100% Meth Fuled Car

    Thanks for this information sharing with us. Its really useful for me

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    Re: AF for 100% Meth Fuled Car

    Hello, I would think its Methanol but you dont want to only tune from the AFR always and i will say again always tune from the plugs and use the AFR as a referance only.

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    Re: AF for 100% Meth Fuled Car

    best run 14.4 @ 96mph (non turbo)
    84 Fiero Turbo Vortec 4300 Phantom GT
    L35 block, Syclone Intake and ECM
    T31 P Trim / T04B H3 Turbo
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