hey guys, i drive a 2006 saturn ion redline, car has a smaller pulley, ported blower, exhaust, intake, makes 15-17 psi depending on the temps outside. it also has the torque management turned off meaning it comes into boost pretty fast which we'll get to shortly.

i bought a single stage kit used online, i did the calculator and just ordered the right sized nozzle for my appliction. now install questions.

the tank it came with has a low warning float but if i remember right both wires coming out of it are the same color. i want to hook up an led to it so i know when its running low on meth. does it matter what wire i send power to and what wire goes to the led?

second part of this, i want the kit to start to spray around 10-12 psi, it has the adjustable pressure switch, problem is i can hit 10 psi at part throttle and id prefer the car to not start spraying at part throttle. i know i can turn the kit up a little to come on higher, what are the disadvantages to having it come into boost at a higher boost level in my application? the other option i had was to wire in a wide open throttle switch along with that boost switch so that it only turns on after 10 psi at wot.

also i want to wire in an led to the hot lead coming from the pump so i know when the pump is on and spraying, just as simple as connecting the light to the wire sending power to it from the switch?

and last, i understand that the pressure can be adjusted on the pumps correct? whats the best position to start from with these? and what will adjusting the pressure actually do considering it spraying through a nozzle that canonlyin theory allow x amount of fluid to come through it.

also the plan is to run pre mixed boost juice from a local supplier just for simplicities sake and im spraying post tb before the blower using a plate.