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    Nozzle Calculator

    I am surprised that the nozzle calculator only uses:
    engine size

    Why is it not asking for HP or mass air flow?

    Is the calculator simply assuming all engine of same displacement, rpm and boost are making the same HP and flowing the same amount of air?

    My current setup on gas only tune:
    22 psi
    7200 rpm

    results in "3.8" (no units provided, assume nozzle size? Or is it GPH flow?)

    I have several setups as above, making anywhere from 260 to 320 HP (with corresponding mass air flows).
    Since it came with the kit, I plugged a #7 nozzle in one car (IAT limited to 290 cHP) for careful trial/error, running fine (12 inches before TB and IAT sensor, prior IAT raise was 60 degree 90-150), with water/meth 15 (85-100). fine).

    Or is the nozzle selector only meant as a non scientific ball park (plus minus a few nozzle sizes) 'aid'?

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    Re: Nozzle Calculator

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