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Thread: 12V Cummins

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    12V Cummins

    Just read through years of posts and learned a lot. I have a 1996 Dodge Cummins 5.9l 12 valve, all mechanical fuel injection. Stock it says 180 HP at the crank. I've done mild injection pump mods to bring that number up to 250 hp. (just a guess). Power comes on around 1600 rpm and governors out at 2500 rpm max. Have the wastegate adjusted to 35 psi max.
    Just picked up a box full of water injection parts at a garage sale. Pump looks to be an old school Devils Own, same mechanical pressure switch as I see on Devils Own site, lots of misc wire, a pile of cut up 1/4" tubing and what looks like the old Aquastealth nozzles. Three of them. One is used and the other 2 are new looking. The nozzles have no markings on them whatsoever.
    Need to know what size Devils Own nozzle I need as a starting point. Will set the pressure switch at 15 to 20 psi as I only really want to lower EGTs when towing. Willing to run 2 nozzles if needed. Thanks

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    Re: 12V Cummins

    would you suggest me to buy dodge cummins? or should i buy another i have to use for towing purpose in Rite way towing.

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    Re: 12V Cummins

    Also suggest some good trucks for our towing company Rite Way Towing New York.

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    12V Cummins

    I will call cummins, thanks for your help, I was just hoping there was someplace that I could actually see the lines online and order them.

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