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    Share guides on how to repair a carpet

    Does anyone know where can I find a guide where it's described how to repair an old carpet?

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    Re: Share guides on how to repair a carpet

    Are you planning on cleaning the carpet yourself?

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    Re: Share guides on how to repair a carpet

    To independently take up cleaning and restoring the carpet, you need certain knowledge and skills. I thought it was pretty simple at first, too. All this was exactly until the moment when I did not spoil the carpet in my apartment with a cleaning agent. Then, of course, there was no question of any restoration. After spending a lot of money to buy a new carpet, I decided to entrust this issue to specialists. First of all, this is what they specialize in. And secondly, in the event of some failure, they will compensate for the cost of buying a new carpet. Well, in general, this is a winning position. I used the services of these guys that repair carpets. I'm thrilled!

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