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3 How to solve the problem of "headlights not bright", what to do?

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    3 How to solve the problem of "headlights not bright", what to do?

    Cars that have been used for a while May find that the brightness of the headlights begins to decrease. Can see the street at night is not as clear as before How can we increase the brightness of our headlights?

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    1. Scrub the headlights.
    Dull yellow headlights are a common problem. Especially new cars Nowadays, acrylic plastic material is used instead of the old car glass lens. Which the main reason Caused by heat such as parking in the sun. Or driving at night often The heat from the bulbs can also affect the headlights.
    There are various solutions to the problem. Either scrubbing with toothpaste or car waxes Will make the headlights come back to be clear But it's only temporary As for the more sustainable methods, it requires a bit of effort, such as using sandpaper. And then use a liquid specifically for coating the headlights To prevent yellowing again

    2.Upgrade your headlight bulbs
    For halogen headlights The bulbs can be upgraded to be more efficient. Today, the popular brands of Osram Night Breaker and Philips X-treme Vision have the same wattage. But gives a brighter white than a car light bulb In exchange for a higher price than normal bulbs It usually starts at around 800 baht to not more than 2 thousand baht (regular H4 bulbs start less than 100 baht), including this type of bulb has a relatively short life, about 2 years on average.
    As for the conversion from halogen to HID or LED, it is imperative that the luminaire is replaced to accommodate the increased brightness. Because of inserting HID or LED bulbs to the original lamp (Especially a multi-reflector lamp) will make the light distribution incomplete. Causing a glimmer of light that dazzled the eyes of those who traveled

    3. Replace the front window filter film.
    The film is too dark. Will reduce the visibility of driving at night It is best to choose a film with a intensity of about 40-50% is enough. If a film containing mercury It will help reduce the heat from the sun during the day. And does not make driving at night too difficult
    But the most important thing is that if one of the headlights is found to be broken Should be replaced immediately. Because not only will it reduce the brightness But can still be dangerous for a traveling companion Because of the bright car headlights that are only on one side May be mistaken for a motorcycle as well

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    Re: 3 How to solve the problem of "headlights not bright", what to do?

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